About Bleigh Construction Company

Shelby County Bridge

Founded in 1950, Bleigh Construction Company is a regional leader providing commercial, civil, aeronautical, heavy highway and industrial construction services for Northeast Missouri and Western Illinois areas.

Bleigh Construction Company is a full service general contractor not only in name but also in deed. We strive to self-perform as much as possible not only to control the schedule but more importantly to control the quality of the product.

Bleigh Construction Company is a family owned company with third generation involvement both in the management and our field force.

Manpower: We employ a large field staff including licensed plumbers, certified welders, heavy equipment operators, masons, carpenters, skilled laborers, iron workers, licensed blasters, certified explosive handlers and electricians.

Equipment: We maintain a large and diverse equipment fleet ranging from skid steer loaders for use on building sites to 60 ton off-road trucks for use in mining operations.

Office-Shop-Warehouse: Our headquarters is located at 9037 Highway 168 in Palmyra, Missouri which provides an efficient base of operations.

Steel Fabrication: Our in-house fabrication facility produces structural steel and miscellaneous items of all types. Also, for select jobs we team with local fabricators.

Ready Mix Supplier: Bleigh Construction Company operates and maintains three concrete ready mix plants in Missouri located in Hannibal, Monroe City, Bowling Green operating as Bleigh Ready Mix. Also, a plant is operated in Quincy, Illinois operating as Quincy Ready Mix.

Commitment to Safety: We expect a safe work environment.

We maintain: